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Up In The Air

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Up In The Air

Rating: 4.5/5



People who know me and the kind of movies I like to watch, would know that it takes me a while to get to any oscar/golden globe “best picture” nominated movie. The reason for this, I believe ( I am yet to figure it out) is mainly the timing of these releases, Oct-Dec, By now all the summer blockbusters are done, and typically the movies that are playing in the theatre are geared towards the awards, and are generally of a more serious type. I am not saying that I do not like serious movies, but too many of them at a go, and everyone talking about the movie as being a “potential Oscar Winner” and giving their two cents about the movie, trying to act as though they know why or why it should not win the Oscar tends to put me off.

This year was slightly different- Avatar came out in December (It’s a no brainer-3d must watch) and along with it came Up in the Air. Up in the Air stars George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick and Jason Bateman. The story of the movie, much like Juno (same director) is quite unique. Ryan Bingham (GC) travels around the country firing people for a living, and is attached to his no-committment, no-attachment lifestyle.  Anyone who loves traveling can immediately connect with some of the things that he says – the cheap sushi/food in the airports, the convenience and inconvenience of the security check-screening the lines to see which would be the fastest- and the distraction free airplane ride.

 The movie, is full of ironies- a non-committed man finding it hard to change his way of life and give up traveling, two women (at very different ages) sitting across from each other and discussing their ideal partners, getting modern technology to do something where human contact is essential, and a bachelor giving advice to a man having cold feet before his wedding.

 The Bottom Line

If you liked Juno, because it was a ‘cute’ and funny movie, and left you with a feel-good feeling at the end of it, you are bound to like this. It may not be a cute movie, it definitely is more grown-up than Juno but it is funny, and George Clooney is perfectly cast and does a great job. Anna Kendrick is very convincing as an out-of-place, ambitious, ivy-league type student who wants to change the system without completely understanding it (better than her Twilight role!).

Up in the Air, in my opinion, is a great watch, any evening when you feel that you want to watch something that does not tax your brain, and is a short enjoyable movie, without many twists and turns and without any cheesy scenes that drag on.











Written by vedantakumar

January 22, 2010 at 12:23 pm